Hi & Welcome to the website of Forward Network,

Forward Network is a part of AOG GB and is focused upon church planting and church growth in the UK. Our team consists of proven church planters and leaders who all carry a heart to serve and help others in the forming of new churches and pioneer outreaches.

Pioneers are a rare breed! But it’s our intentional plan and desire to see more pioneers arise so we see hundreds of churches planted in the coming years.  The team of Forward Network have a plan to see “The Church planting new churches“ and we see our focus in the coming days centred around three simple principles:

  1. Training and coaching pioneer leaders to plant new outreaches and churches. This will happen through our “Launch” Training Programme. See the website for further details of the next event.

  2. Creating a sustainable fund that facilitates finance for planters. This will happen through the “Match Fund” programme.  See the website for further details.

  3. Relationally connecting with pioneers and planters. Encouraging them, supporting them, and where invited, coaching them. We should never do ministry alone; we want everyone to feel a valuable part of a team.

As you read through the pages of this website it’s worth noting that Forward Network is just beginning!  There will be lots of pages, stories, and media content added in the months ahead. But I am reminded that as we continue to be faithful with the small things God promises to give us much!

If we can serve you in any way in the future then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep pioneering!

Kristian Thorpe
Church Planting Leader
Forward Network AOG GB