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Rural Planting

Stuart Watt, pioneering pastor of Mintlaw Community Church in Scotland, shares from his experience of planting in a rural, somewhat isolated location.  Though all church planting projects are similar in some ways, rural work presents a unique set of challenges.


Avoiding Pitfalls

Grayson Jones, founding pastor of Legacy Church in Doncaster, shares some of the common pitfalls encountered whilst planting, and how to avoid them.


It's Not About the Money

This short video from Stewardship is one of six new videos aimed at helping people who are thinking about, or who are currently working full time in Christian ministry but are ‘living on support’. This means that they need to raise that financial support themselves. This section is aimed at giving an overview of the principles, which make for a strong, sustainable ministry.  Stewardship serve over 3000 Christian Workers around the globe who live on support and have recently launched a support service to UK Church planters and pioneers providing free one to one consultations. We are passionate in helping release more and more pioneers and future church leaders into ministry. We hope that this sparks a new way of thinking about what God has called you to and we are here to support you.